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BioCBD Plus™ Muscle & Joint Relief – CBD Topical Oil for Pain

Rub on our all-natural topical oil, massage away discomfort and notice if it reduces your pain. Try it today and see why Muscle & Joint Relief Oil is our most positively reviewed product!

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You Can Try BioCBD Plus™ Topical Oil Completely Risk Free!  

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BioCBD Plus™ Total Body Care CBD Capsules

Total Body Care with curcumin was the FIRST 100% bioavailable, water-soluble CBD on the planet, a premium blend for all-natural, synergistic immune support. Buy CBD extract online today!


Feel the difference with all-natural BioCBD Plus™ products, that are 100% bio-available and water soluble, made using our proprietary CBD & curcumin technology.

What is CBD?

What you need to know about Cannabidiol (CBD), the difference between hemp and marijuana, and why our hemp oil products with BioCBD Plus™ are available in all 50 states and 45 countries.

BioCBD+ Mission

Success by the number of lives that are positively impacted from the benefits of CBD. Read about how we’re working to make a difference, including our one for one + Scholarship program.

BioCBD Plus™ CBD Cartridge: Pre Filled CBD Oil Vape Cartridge

Introducing BioCBD Plus™ Peace, our Brand New 100% All-Natural Plant Vape Formulation. In our efforts to provide you with the safest and most effective vape blend possible, we removed MCT and are only using plant oils in our new and improved Peace vape blend.

When you inhale Peace, you will receive a dose of pure, extra-strength hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) oil with NO THC, NO nicotine, NO chemical fillers and NO artificial flavoring. 


James Clarke

"BioCBD+ Total Body Care Capsules are the most effective CBD product I’ve ever used."  


Karin Miller

"I take the Total Body Care CBD capsules in the morning to have relaxed clarity and top-notch sleep."


Matt Reeves

"Amazing product! I really felt a difference after doing the vape pen for two months."


Stacy Xiu

"I have tried about a half a dozen different CBDs for chronic back pain, and BioCBD+ works amazing." 


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